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FAQ about jane iredale make-up

Is the makeup safe for all skin types?

It is important to know that anyone can be allergic or sensitive to something. However, we've eliminated the top three sensitizers from our makeup, synthetic fragrances, most synthetic dyes, and synthetic preservatives. We also tested each product for susceptibility to a 50-person test panel in a lab. Individuals with extreme chemical sensitivities wear our makeup successfully. When in doubt, test the product on the inside of your arm.

Is it okay to use it on acne-prone skin?

If you are under a doctor's care for acne, ask her first. Otherwise, we're confident that our makeup won't make acne-prone skin worse and may even help. Our makeup is completely non-comedogenic and allows the skin to breathe and function normally. It also easily covers the redness that often occurs with eruptions. and it is anti-inflammatory. We've had many estheticians tell us they've seen an improvement in their clients' skin since using jane iredale makeup.

Is it necessary to wear extra sunscreen when using the minerals?

No, you don't have to! If you do want extra protection, be careful of comedogenic or sensitivity reactions to some chemical sunscreens. Because our minerals provide physical sunscreen protection, there is no need to wait for the protection to start.

Does Liquid Minerals have an SPF?

No, but it contains ingredients like coenzyme Q10 and vitamin C that help repair UV damage. When you apply a layer of powdered minerals over Liquid Minerals, you get protection up to SPF 30 with the Purepressed Base SPF20, Amazing Base SPF20 or Powder -me SPF 30 .

Do powders dry out the skin?

No, just the opposite. Our minerals retain the moisture between the skin and the layer of minerals. The belief that powders dry out the skin comes from the high use of talc in most formulas - up to 90%! Jane Iredale's mineral makeup is 100% talc-free!!!

Is the loose or pressed powder better for after laser treatment?

Both cover the redness and provide much needed protection from the sun. However, keep in mind that the new skin after laser is extremely sensitive and the fewer ingredients you have to worry about, the better. The loose powders contain less than the pressed. Our advice on lasered skin is to keep it as simple as possible.

What are the best colors for concealing redness?

Absolutely NOT green! Green works fine for artists working on canvas when they want to neutralize red, but it won't work on human skin. It leaves a gray ghost-like glow, which is very unappealing. Our yellow base will hide redness. Our most versatile yellow base is Golden Glow, our most popular shade for erythema. Warm Sienna, Warm Silk and Amber also work well.

Will the mineral makeup cover bruises or moles?

Yes. However, the shadow of some dark bruises may be visible. Try Dissapear, the CircleDelete Peach of Enlighten to camouflage anything that the powders won't camouflage. Please refer to the individual concealers to learn how you can use them.

What does the rating 'water and sweat resistant' mean?

From the FDA monograph, no manufacturer is allowed to claim "waterproof". After proper lab testing has been completed, products can now be Water Resistant (80 minutes) or Water Resistant (40 minutes). If you are wearing our mineral make-up and you are sweating or swimming heavily or if you have been drenched in rain, do not wipe your face with the towel, but pat your face dry. You may remove a small portion of the minerals as a result, but the majority remains on the skin. If you train in the sun, it is wise to apply another layer of minerals after you have dried your face.

Does jane iredale work on older or aging skin?

Yes. As this is a light reflective beauty product, it obscures the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and gives a healthy glow to the skin, making it look younger. Matte make-up absorbs light and allows the eye to look "into" the skin. On very marked skin, it is helpful to spritz with one of our hydration sprays after applying the minerals. This sets the make-up, softens the lines and gives a hydrated look. The technique of applying the minerals with a damp sponge also helps minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and large pores.

Does the eyeshadow build up in the crease?

Generally not, although those with oily lids may want to apply a coat of PureMatte to the lids first.

How quickly can the makeup be applied after laser, microdermabrasion or a peel?

The minerals can be applied immediately after a microdermabrasion or a light peel provided the skin is not damaged. Not only will they cover up the redness, but the titanium dioxide and zinc oxide can also help soothe the skin. It is also important to replace the protective stratum corneum (top layer of the skin) that is lost after these types of procedures. The stratum corneum is the body's first defense against the sun. Application after laser treatment should be subject to doctor's approval. This can be 5-12 days depending on the type of laser and how deeply it was used. It is essential that the healing skin is protected from the sun.

What are the dyes in jane iredale cosmetics?

We usually color with iron oxides. We use special pigments where we need more intense colors. We use ultramarines (ground Lapis Lazuli, a blue mineral) and chromium oxide green in our blue and green eyeshadows. We use small amounts of carmine in some products when brighter colors are required. Vegans and others concerned about animal products can avoid the makeup colors with carmine. Please check the "vegan/gluten" tab on each product page for more information.

Which moisturizer is best to use with the powders?

Smooth Affair, Dreamtint or your own favorite. Wait for it to be absorbed by the skin so that you have a smooth surface to work on. If you don't wait, the powders will settle unevenly on the face.

Iseasy to apply the make-up?

Yes! The problem that starters often encounter is that they apply too much. Because they are used to using makeup that contains large amounts of filler and little sheer product, they use the same techniques when applying Jane Iredale. With minerals, less is more!! Please refer to individual products for technical details.

Do men use jane iredale makeup?

Yes. Since the minerals are not visible, they feel comfortable wearing them. In fact, newscasters now use powders on HD television because their old makeup was clearly visible in front of the television cameras.

Which cleanser should I use?

Our Magic Mitt. This is a knitted microfibre washcloth that washes away oil and dirt with only lukewarm water and small microfibres and deeply cleanses the skin! Then you don't need lotions or cleansing oil. The mineral make-up can be removed with any cleanser.

How long does it take to apply full makeup?

Ten to fifteen minutes and it will last all day with minimal need for side effects!

Are the lip and eye pencils interchangeable?

Absolutely. de lip pencils en eye pencils by jane iredale all have the same ingredients.</p >

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